beach wedding1Some people definitely prefer outside wedding because of fresh air, sun and green trees and flowers around. In lots of people’s heart, the ocean is the sign of romance. The beach weddings are beautiful, scenic, romantic and unforgettable.

With the gentle wind, dressing on a perfectly bridal gown, holding hands with the people you love, that is the most glorious things in one’s whole life.


You can still have the airy open atmosphere of a wedding at the beach, of being outside at the ocean shore.

On the soft sand, maybe we can dance with the music! How could we forget this kind of amazing venue?

Beach wedding.2

The solemn vow in front of all the relatives and friends let us promise a lifetime.


That is our promise:

“What may come I will always be there!”

We believe, we trust.


Time as a long river which bound us this whole life together.

beach wedding 5

We become a couple from lovers.As a family, go on to the end of our life.

Girlfriend & Boyfriend

Bride & Groom

Wife & Husband

friends company with us witness our love.

Thanks for their love and help.

Life will be go on and we will continue our long waited life.

There maybe some tips: and your guests can stay shielded from the elements if you rent a tent. The latter is quite pricey but will have the capability to hold your party as well as the catering and its staff. A tent rental serves many more purposes than just shielding your guest. A tent can house a dance floor for your guests and house a seating area. so it may be feasible to rent a tent.

2.When sending out the invitations, do not forget to include instructions for your guests in case of a bad weather. Planning early can secure your chances of having the desired location for the ceremony and any amenities need for it or for your guests that will be attending.

3.One must make sure of the rules and regulations when opting to rent a tent such as candle burning, or how loud the music can be played and if there are any rules on the number of guests that a tent can accommodate. Be sure and check out the rules and stipulations before hand, so you will not be disappointed at the last-minute.

4.A beach wedding however, is usually opted for when the bride and groom only want to have a small tight-knit group of loved ones and friends as compared to the large church setting invitation. A beach wedding also has a down-scaled after ceremony party as compared to the usual after wedding reception.

Beach weddings are fast becoming more and more popular and in choosing this setting for your special day, one has to plan it thoughtfully. A beach wedding will let you keep almost all aspects of it simple and you will find it will eliminate a lot of the headaches associated with planning a larger wedding.