Maiden Honey is our sweetheart who company with us no matter we meet difficulties and obstacles. We laugh together, cry together…

8566016aca8065388af48db097dda144ac348284_副本in this significant moment without the participation of maiden honey, can you have a little regret? If you want to take picture, we love to take a set of photos with maiden honey .

5e8c72444fc2d56226a4f145e71190ef77c66c37_副本Maybe you are the two sweetheart.

You grew up together and she is your neighbor, or maybe you  met each other for the first time at your father birthday’s party. Maybe you both like the same fairy tale. From then on, everytime when you met her, you two will talk about that story, although maybe always the same story…

7e7f7909c93d70cf1d95e4fbf8dcd100bba12b9d_副本_副本Maybe you are three of charactor.

One of you three is so gentle and little shy.

One of you three is so strong charactor but always makes mistakes.

The last one maybe so intelligent who always makes the decisions.

2013032514462589_副本2Maybe you are four is like the charactors in <Sex and the City> .

The movie I like most which describes four so different characteristics.

2013032514462589_副本Maiden honey is important, each major event we are all together, and then looked at maiden honey to happiness, will be moved?