1f3efb80a759ab4e7736ce84f4825f00So many girls like to enbellish therir nail color and pattern. How could you decorate the nails on your wedding day? There are lots of styles could be make out. You should choose the one that is cooperate with the tonal of the weddings, especially the color of your wedding dress.

f87dbf73237d7594e3071025d908b12a_副本pure color with tips

Now people do not satisfied with the only one color but still adhere to the principle of simplicity.They will choose to brush a thin line on the nails which highlight a type of personality.

Geometric colour-blocking_副本 two and above colors

This can really show your personality. It reveals your fashionable characteristics and self alone feelings.initpintu_副本 pure color

This simple and decent kind  features an elegant and  decorous style. It has both of the Grace and cute flavour.

8ec0a8ad6dc5291177d19959fc342bee_副本 colors with gold glitter

You can brush the gold glitter in the cuticles or the nail edge. It depends on yourself. The colorful gold glitter showcases the glamourous charm.

0e935648aec98e57d9f405493ca9bd40_副本Checkered stripes and patterns

It can showcase fresh or mature charm.

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808d9023ad388eafd2fa03c73e00a6b1_副本Crystal & Beads

It showcase the noble and junoesque character.Subtle and elegant, a handpainted design adds a lick of colour to an all-white ensemble and the shade can be altered to suit any scheme.